Adis Beauty


Adriana Cuevas

Adis Beauty was born in the necessity of complementary the quality, the versatile, and technology in the creation of products and the inspiration to satisfy what I have always looked for as a stylist to share it with the lovers of makeup like myself. After all these years of experienced, I have had the opportunity to try definite products in the market and have studied the market where I have developed. Therefore, I have worked tirelessly to create a line of products of high quality for you beautiful ladies, makeup artists, or anyone who loves the beauty of makeup.

I’m Maria Adriana Cuevas also known as Adis. I was born in Mexico in August 9, 1978. I dreamed in my teenage years that makeup was my passion. I have studied and prepare day and night to become what I am. I’m a professional stylist and have my own beauty salon for more than 9 years.

I have participated with professional makeup artists during my career. I have also participated in beauty pageant shows, makeup shows, workshops, masterclass, and have been an artist assistance.

I am the creator of Adis Beauty. A brand of products like eye lashes, 3D Mink Faux, beauty blender sponge, lipstick, eye shadow, and cosmetic products. I have established my own quality of products with much work into it.

My specialty is in the range of cosmetology. I love everything related to beauty. This is why I dedicate this page to you all beautiful ladies with much love and dedication.

Welcome to the new adventure that starts to bring you beautiful and wonderful things. Thank you for your support and confidence.